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What is GYROKINESIS® exercise?


 GYROKINESIS exercise, the core of the GYROTONIC Methodology developed by Juliu Horvath, is a total-body conditioning and balancing system of movement that encourages the spine and joints to stay open and strong.  The work stimulates the anatomy’s major organ systems and incorporates special breathing techniques, particular to each group of exercises with the GYROTONIC methodology.  Fluidity of motion while performing the movements is the key premise.  The system’s movements are three-dimensional, using gentle repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating exercises in a set rhythm.  An energetic polarity is encouraged by contrasting and reaching in opposite directions, creating both internal balance and support.  Through constant ebb-and-flow and push-pull movements, muscles, joints, connective tissues, including fascia are prompted to maintain their suppleness and support.  Unlike the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM exercises’ use of special equipment and machines, GYROKINESIS exercises are practiced on stools and floor mats.  Three key principals of Juliu Horvath’s GYROTONIC Methodology used in both GYROTONIC  and GYROKINESIS exercises are:   1) Narrowing of the Pelvis – facilitates the creation of space between the vertebrates in a contrasting movement where parts of the body simultaneously reach in opposite directions, the body’s energy spreads upwards to elevate the spine, while the legs and feet connect to the floor, spreading the energy downward.  2) Use of the Fifth Line in all Movements – way of integrating the body’s own internal energetic support through the center or bone marrow as the electricity that moves through the spine.  3) Energy expanding from the Seed Center below the umbilical area allows movement on a deeper level.


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GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a registered trademark of

Gyrotonic Sales Corp and issued with their permission.



 The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM created and founded by Juliu Horvath consists of whole body exercises based on circularity, evolving linear movements, stretching the body while increasing the range of motion and developing coordination with minimal effort.  GYROTONIC training uses specifically designed special equipment built to assist the body’s free movement with no restrictions. The movements are fluid and three dimensional, strengthening movements with integrating, coordinating breathing patterns.  Muscles and joints find an organic fluid strength in spiral movements with measured opposition moving freely through space working the body from the inside out.  The repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating exercises are performed in a set fluid rhythm.  An energetic polarity is encouraged by contrasting and reaching in opposite directions, creating both internal balance and support. These whole body movements are expansive, circular and fluid opening your body up, creating space throughout the spine with no end point to the movement: sculpting the body, developing overall strength and flexibility, improving the immune system, enhancing coordination, gaining stamina.  GYROTONIC exercises work the body in an integrated manner that ultimately increases the functional capacity of the entire organism in a harmonious way bringing the mind, body, and spirit into union.


 The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM is regarded as one of the most intelligent and excellent forms of vitalization and injury rehabilitation and prevention by orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and natural healthcare practitioners world wide.  The movements are adaptable to all ages and a broad range of clients, including the physically compromised persons and disabled persons. GYROTONIC exercises enhances all ambitions, from injury rehabilitation to the every day sport enthusiasts needing to improve their athletic performances and offers unique cross training for all sports including dance, tennis, golf, running and swimming, to the highly successful professional athletes and international celebrities.


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 The more one incorporates GYROTONIC exercise into your routine, the more your life will be filled with general well being.  Then, rather than pushing yourself to include exercise as part of your daily regiment, you will find yourself in an inviting state of being joyfully immersed into the ART OF EXERCISING AND BEYOND.



Intro to GYROTONIC - $195.00

Enjoy 3 private GYROTONIC classes and 1 GYROKINESIS class as a great way to start you on your GYROTONIC journey!


GYROTONIC classes:

1 Private $70.00

10 Private classes-$650.00


GYROTONIC Duet class

1 GYRO- Duet- $50.00

10 GYRO-Duets-$450.00



1 GK Class-$20.00

10 GK Classes- $170.00



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